Converting poetry to film was a fantastic experience, and I’m pretty sure this isn’t too cryptic right? Screened at the Going West Film Festival 2018

Diomed - Jared Peters
Shadow - Marty Secker
Video by Connor Curlewis


Fears of AI from too much Joe Rogan pushed me to write this short film. Our protagonist, unnamed for artistic reasons is sent to prison and enters the vicious cycle of the justice system, throw in the all powerful supercomputer and you’ve got a dystopian short film.

Surveillance 2018


Sailing on dreams of human interoperability through Elon’s Neuralink I wrote this short film. Roy travels between computer programs trying to reconnect with his wife, when he finds the perfect model in her he decides it’s time to go back, but to what?

Reverie 2017
Written and Directed by Connor Curlewis
Produced by Logan Van Reil and Rogan Frazer
Music by Walshyy
Sound Recordings by Adam Curlewis
Roy Utsav Patel
Emma Sez Niederer
Friend Julie Gunn
Roy David Charteris
Doctor Ant Towler

Wools Worth

Shortlisted for New Zealands Strangest Film I’m proud to present a complete fever dream of an experience, hatched while house sitting a family friends place me and the boys juiced together Wools Worth. Meet Charlie Flowers and his mad dvd player.

Wools Worth 2017
Sam Walsh
Julius Hattign
Flynn Roser
Blake Hattign
Brandon Hayes
Connor Curlewis


I know 2012 is a long time ago, but this is where it all began, I fell in love with film making when me, Adam and Zhan created Amnesia, a time splitting horror film set in the idilic suburbs of Milford.

Amnesia 2012
Written by Adam Kennedy
Directed by Connor Curlewis
Camera by Zhan Henderson and Mark Casson